Introducing Label Inquiry

bw166 is pleased to announce the launch of our latest tool, Label Inquiry: designed to streamline and ease reporting and analysis of TTB Product Approvals.

At bw166, we strive to make market-wide intelligence available efficiently and cost effectively for all industry members, large and small. Label Inquiry is no exception.

Why should you be interested in Label Inquiry?

  1. The U.S. beverage alcohol market is increasingly fragmented with more products launched each year and increased competition across categories. This growth in products has made it more difficult to keep up with the competition. It also requires staying up-to-date on new products across Beer, Spirits, and Wine.
    bw166 Product Approvals (R12M)
  2. Category blurring is increasingly the norm as customers are more likely to consume across all three categories than ever before making it increasingly difficult for products to stand out on the shelf – consider the seltzer trend and the new product proliferation in Beer, Spirits, and Wine.
    bw166 Seltzer Lables
  3. Achieving above market growth requires stealing share from competition (both within and across categories) because volumetric growth in the industry has been a function of population growth over the past 30 years.
    bw166 Servings / LDA Index

How does Label Inquiry help you win in the market?

  1. Quickly respond to changing market dynamics and competitive product launches by knowing what products competitors are releasing before they hit the market. TTB COLAs are required before these products can enter distribution channels. Using Label Inquiry, you’ll have a head start on what your competition is planning. Consider the below example of same of the more recent Product Approvals for ABI, Diageo, and Gallo.
    Recent Filings from ABI, Diageo, and Gallo
  2. Ensure your product stands out on a crowded shelf by understanding how it visually fits with other product labels through bw166’s color extraction and search capabilities. When your marketing team is considering a new label, it’s prudent to consider what other firms are doing in the same color palette like the below example for blue wine labels.
    Examples of Blue Wine Labels
  3. Identify new trends and white space without having to wait on traditional data sources like Nielsen and IRI which are lagged on when new products enter their data products (being dependent on scanning at retail) and do not actually reflect the diverse offerings in the U.S. market (such as local craft beers that may only be sold in an owned-brewpub).

What specifically does Label Inquiry do?

  1. Updated daily with the latest COLAs approved by the TTB months before the product actually ends up in the hands of the consumer.
  2. Extensive search and filtering tools to streamline label identification.
    Label Inquiry - Filter View
  3. Quick visual results of the labels themselves along with easy to download data reports.

Take the next step with Label Inquiry

  1. Visit a demo of the full application here.
  2. Subscribe now and stay ahead of your competition and the industry.
  3. If you’d like to discuss a larger, multi-user license for your company or would like to explore the possibility of an automated data feed (both a one-time historical data set and on-going future data sets) please send us an email at