Spirits RTD Label Approvals slow from 2021 Highs But Still Many New Entrants

We received a recent request on Twitter to provide an update on an article from last year on Seltzer/RTD label approvals. With recent slow-downs in selzter’s growth, it made sense to provide an update. Label approvals for seltzer products have decelerated from 2021 highs.

Currently, in 2022, approvals are trending at 208 per month versus 276 approvals per month in 2021 (the TTB approved 3,315 labels in 2021 in total and has already approved 1,042 in 2022). Since 2019, the TTB has approved 8,864 labels. These numbers are also an undercount as not all beer/malt-based seltzers require a COLA from the TTB.

Spirits-based products have stabilized trends at around 200 label approvals per month. Beer-based approvals are decelerating while wine-based approvals show slight signs of acceleration.

Vodka is the leading base spirit of label approvals in 2022 (YTD through May) with Tequila/Agave and Whiskey/Bourbon not far behind. Gin and Rum products continue to trail significantly as a base spirit.

Citrus-based flavors tend to dominate the field (including, Lime, Lemon, Orange, and Citrus) coupled with the generic, Fruit offering. In addition to flavors, also visible are typical RTDs and mixed drinks including Margarita, Mule, Mojito, and Martini.

All of this information was compiled using bw166’s Label Inquiry application. Please visit our Introducing Label Inquiry page for more details.