The bw166 TBA Serving index increased +1.4% to 123.3 through November 2019

bw166 released The Total Beverage Alcohol report for twelve months through November 2019. 

Key points over the past twelve months include:

  • The bw166 TBA Serving index increased +1.4% to 123.3 versus last year (this index represents the change in servings of beverage alcohol entering the U.S. market).
  • Consumer expenditures for beverage alcohol total $266 billion, an increase of +3.6% driven more in the On Premise than the Off Premise.
  • Legal Drinking Age population is up +1.0% compared to servings growth of +1.4% – indicating that recent surveys showing a reduction in consumption are not apparent in the statistics of the market.
  • Over 80% of the growth in the Legal Drinking Age population is coming from those over 60.
  • Servings growth is dominated by Spirits, which is gaining share from both Beer and Wine. Beer servings show continuing declines while Wine servings are growing slightly.
  • Beer is seeing growth from Hard Seltzers and Mexican Imports though this growth is not offsetting declines in traditional beer sub-categories.
  • Sparkling Wine is the primary driver of growth in the Wine category.
  • Spirits servings are growing across sub-categories, especially Whisky, Tequila, and Cordials. Vodka is flat, even with the continued strong growth of Tito’s.

Jon Moramarco, the Managing Partner of bw166, is also a partner in and the editor of The Gomberg & Fredrikson report. Gomberg & Fredrikson has been tracking the U.S. wine market since 1948. Jon will be presenting a webinar for Gomberg and Fredrikson on Wednesday, January 15 at 9:00 AM Pacific time, which will be open to both Subscribers and Non-Subscribers. The content will include an update on the overall beverage alcohol market for 2019, key data points on the wine market for 2019, and an overview of how demographics have tracked with the beverage alcohol market over time and projections of how these will interact moving forward. Parties interested in joining the webinar may register at