bw166’s TBA Servings Index grows 1.5% to 119 in May 2016

bw166 recently introduced the Advance Edition of its Total Beverage Alcohol Overview report, which is included in the subscription price for all current and future subscribers.  This new edition, released approximately 15 days after the end of each month, provides beverage alcohol companies a prompt and holistic reference for the total market which can be used in conjunction with other market segment information such as scan data and depletion reports.

Highlights of the Total Beverage Alcohol Overview for the 12 months ending May 2016 include:

  • The bw166 Total Beverage Alcohol Servings Index (a standardized, single reference point of total alcoholic beverage consumption) stands at 119, a 1.50% increase over the prior year
  • Consumers spent $222 billion on beverage alcohol across both on and off premise retailers
  • Beer volume remains soft, showing an increase of only 0.23%
  • Spirits volume grew 2.03% over the last year
  • Wine volume (including Cider) leads the beverage alcohol segment, with growth of 4.41%

While the timeliness of the new Advance edition represents a significant step forward in total beverage alcohol reporting, of paramount importance is the trustworthiness of the data in driving decision making. As such, bw166 has worked to drive the algorithms used for the Advance edition to a greater than 99.5% accuracy across rolling twelve-month data over the last ten years, as demonstrated below:

TBA Spend

Beer Volume

Wine Volume

Spirits Volume


For more details on the bw166 Total Beverage Alcohol Overview please click here.