bw166 Publication Advantages

Question: Why have you started publishing beverage alcohol industry data?

Answer: There are 3 key factors that our reports address:

  • As we watch consumer interaction with the beverage alcohol category we are seeing much more cross-over of consumption. Most industry data focuses on either beer, wine or spirits. We are producing industry data across all three segments with a consistent and comparable methodology.
  • Having run divisions of public companies and private beverage alcohol companies for over 20 years I know there are numerous times when industry information is necessary. Some examples of requirements for industry information include; retailer presentations, wholesaler presentations, banking discussions, investor presentations, board presentations etc. Too often this requires working on periods that are not a calendar year or trying to put in perspective partial data, such as scanner data. The bw166 reports are structured to fill multiple needs across beer, wine and spirits.
  • We are inundated with published reports every day about trends in our industry. Often times these deal with a portion of the market or a very short period of time. The bw166 publications allow users to put partial reports from other sources in context with the total industry.